Our Core Services

• Crosses boundaries across Asia including in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
• Headquartered at places where there is a natural abundance of seafood and raw materials.
• Hassle-free acquisition of the seafood market.
• Bulk procurement at the best possible prices to meet the needs of customers in terms of quality, quantity, time and location.
• Real-time market assessment.


• Certified by HACCP, Halal, Mesti and ISO 9001:2008
• Thorough supervision in all parts of the production lines ensures consumers get products that are hygienic and safe for consumption.
• Strict monitoring in our aquaculture farm guarantees production of high quality seafood.
• Stringent quality control measures and regulations are taken in all our ventures.

• Fresh or frozen seafood is transported under optimal temperature and pressure to ensure the products’ top quality.
• Close supervision of the delivery process from where seafood is harvested to where it is consumed.

• Naturally abundant resources of seafood and raw materials allow us to unleash our creativity when it comes to developing new products.
• Our expertise is in customizing and developing new processed food products based on client’s preferences and needs.
• Actively developing new processed food products that match the changing trends and consumers’ preferences.

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